Vision & Priorities



What If...Boise Became the:

  • #1 Place to Live
  • #1 Place to Raise a Family
  • #1 Place for Business and Careers
  • #1 Place for Outdoor Recreation
  • #1 Place for Education
  • #1 Place to Start and Grow a Business
  • #1 Place to Recreate While You Innovate
  • #1 Safest City
  • #1 Healthiest City
  • #1 City for Open Space Access
  • #1 Most Giving City
  • #1 Most Walkable City
  • #1 Most Bicycle-Friendly City
  • #1 Most Innovative and Creative City

With Your Help, I Will Continue Working to Create:

  • A strong, diverse and sustainable local economy with high-paying jobs.
  • Access to quality education for all citizens.
  • A safe, healthy and family-friendly environment. 
  • Access to open space and a world-class parks system.
  • A comprehensive transportation system for the Boise Valley. 

My Top 3 Priorities:

#1: Strengthen Our Local Economy

  • Support local businesses to keep money circulating in our community.  
  • Partner with the business community to improve the city permitting process.
  • Strengthen the presence of high-tech companies and other creative businesses in the downtown core.
  • Invest in a comprehensive transportation system that connects people to the community and improves the region's competitiveness.  

#2: Support Job Creation Initiatives

  • Promote Boise as a startup-friendly community.
  • Build a stronger system to incubate and accelerate new business startups.
  • Partner with business owners and community stakeholders to enhance our entrepreneurial ecosystem. 
  • Partner with our universities to connect students, faculty, and research to entrepreneurs and businesses. 

#3: Enhance Boise’s Quality of Life

  • Keep Boise safe and vibrant.
  • Enhance our parks and trail system.
  • Support projects and initiatives that promote community health. 
  • Protect clean air and water, natural areas and open space access.  

This is our city.  Let's make Boise great.

Ben Quintana
Boise City Council Member, Seat 2

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