Boise City Council is a non-partisan elected office. Ben has a broad base of support from the surrounding community and is proud to list the following endorsements for his campaign:

Re-Election Endorsements: (More Coming Soon)

  • Dave Bieter, Mayor of Boise
  • Maryanne Jordan, Council President, Boise City Council Member
  • David Eberle, Council Pro Tem, Boise City Council Member
  • Elaine Clegg, Boise City Council Member
  • Lauren McLean, Boise City Council Member
  • TJ Thomson, Boise City Council Member

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Boise Firefighters
    Local #149


Full List of Endorsements from 2011 Campaign

(Names listed alphabetically by first name)

Groups and Organizations:

Business and Community Leaders:

  • Arthur F. (Skip) and Esther Oppenheimer
  • Ashley Ford
  • Bill Martin, CEO, Metro Express Car Wash
  • Brandy Mamizuka, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Micron
  • Brian Larsen, Partner, Hawley Troxell
  • Brian Lee, Backend Strategy Planning Manager, Micron
  • C. Norm Beckert
  • Candice Allphin
  • Chris Fout, Senior Financial Planner, Vice President, Key Private Bank
  • Christopher Taylor, President & CEO, Fisher’s Document Systems
  • Clark Krause
  • Dave and Terry Self
  • Deborah E. Nelson, Partner, Givens Pursley LLP
  • Dennis Doan, Boise Fire Chief
  • Dennis L. Johnson
  • Don Bush, Former President (2010-11), Kickstand
  • Ed Miller and Teri Stein
  • Ephraim Greenwall
  • Eric Bjorkman, Partner, Perkins Coie
  • Erik Bolinder, Partner, Givens Pursley & Leadership Boise President
  • Gary and Liz Allen
  • George and Bev Harad
  • George Iliff, Managing Partner, Colliers International
  • Heidi Bogert Dornier
  • Holli High Woodings
  • Jason Prince
  • Joan Wallace
  • Jodi LaBrie, CPA and Insurance Consultant, Baxter and Associates
  • John V. Evans, EVP, D.L. Evans Bank
  • Jim Kissler, CEO, Norco, Inc
  • Kristin Bjorkman, Attorney
  • Kristin Muchow, Vice President, Meeting Systems, Inc
  • Larry Koomler
  • Lee Flinn, Executive Director, Conservation Voters for Idaho
  • Lynn and Brian Hoffmann
  • Lynn and Jared Frothinger
  • Mark Solon, Managing Partner, Highway 12 Ventures
  • Michael Ballantyne, Managing Partner, Thornton Oliver Keller
  • Michael Markley, Managing Director, Aquent Studios, 2010/11 Leadership Boise Academy Vice President
  • Mitch Minnette
  • Molly Lenty
  • Monica D. Hopkins
  • Nicholas G. Miller, Hawley Troxell
  • Peter Barton, Partner, Givens Pursely LLP and Leadership Boise Vice President
  • Peter Oliver, Thornton Oliver Keller
  • Phil Eastman II
  • Ray Stark
  • Rich Raimondi, President, Bishop Kelly High School and Retired Executive, Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Rick Carpenter
  • Ronald Rugimbana, LaserJet Worldwide Product Marketing Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Sydney Sallabanks, Marketing Manager, Simplot Company
  • Sylvia Hampel, Owner, Clearview Cleaning
  • Tracy Andrus
  • Von Hansen, Vice President & General Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company
  • William L. Jonakin, MD

Current and Former Elected Officials:

  • Branden Durst, Former State Representative, District 18, Small business owner & community college instructor
  • Chuck Winder, State Senator, District 14
  • Dave Bieter, Mayor of Boise
  • Mike Burkett, Former State Senator, District 19, Attorney
  • Gail Bray, Former Democratic National Committeewoman, State Senator, District 19, and Assistant Democratic Senate Leader
  • Gary Raney, Ada County Sheriff
  • Kathleen Simko, Garden City Council Member
  • Phylis King, State Representative, District 18, Small business owner
  • TJ Thomson, Boise City Council Member


  • Mary Olson, Ph.D., MBA Director, George Fox University Boise Campus
  • Michael (Ph.D., Author and Assistant Professor in Higher Education) & Lana Kroth (Dance Teacher)
  • Nancy K. Napier, Ph.D., Executive Director, Centre for Creativity & Innovation and Professor of Strategy, Boise State University
  • Shawn Shepherd, Ph.D., Head of School, Foothills School of Arts & Sciences and 2010 Leadership Boise Academy Vice President
  • Shikhar Sarin, Ph.D.

Entrepreneurs and Innovators:

  • Bob Lokken, Founder & CEO, WhiteCloud Analytics
  • Brett Adler, Former Chair (2010), Boise Young Professionals
  • Brice Sloan
  • Christopher Volk, EnerNOC, Inc
  • Colbi Ditter, Owner, CMD brandsource
  • Danielle Snelson, Owner, Joie Events
  • Dave Romero, Co-Founder, Tsuvo
  • Derick Ellis, Co-Founder, Tsuvo
  • Eric Shaver, Ph.D.
  • Evans Baiya, Innovations Strategist
  • Faisal Shah, Entrepreneur
  • J. Glerum, President & Co-Founder, Valitics Inc
  • Jared Bauer, CTO, Framed Legacy, Inc
  • Jason Crawforth, Entrepreneur
  • John Michael Schert, Executive Director/Dancer, Trey McIntyre Project
  • Jonathon Fishman, Entrepreneur & Acting Chief Operating Officer of Behavior Imaging, Inc
  • Jim Greer, Owner & President, Business Plans Pros
  • Karen Meyer, Owner, Handyman Connection
  • Kristi Saucerman, Founder & CEO, Auction Frogs, LLC
  • Mason Fuller, CEO, Atlas Frontiers, 2011 SBA National Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Meg Carlson
  • Peter J. Vomocil, Luminosity Group
  • Ryan Woodings, Founder and Chief Geek, MetaGeek, LLC
  • Sherman D. Liebow, General Manager/Owner, Great Western Distribution


  • Adam P. Cuneo, MBA student, George Fox University
  • Brandie VanOrder, Student and ASBSU President, Boise State University
  • Emily Walton, Student and ASBSU Secretary of External Communications, Boise State University
  • Ryan Gregg, Student and ASBSU Assembly Speaker, Boise State University

If you are interested in endorsing Ben, please contact him directly on his cell phone at (208) 850-9713 or his email at Ben@Ben4Boise.com.

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I'm proud to have over 100 endorsements and over 275 contributors to my City Council campaign! #ben4boise Endorsements http://t.co/II9eo181
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Boise Mayor Dave Bieter just endorsed me! More details & press release tomorrow. #ben4boise http://t.co/5N1HUOoZ
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I'm proud to add @cv4id (Conservation Voters for Idaho) to my endorsement list! http://ow.ly/6DKTW